CAD Drafting – Computer Aided Design Drafting (CADD)

CAD drafting services that are easy & cost-effective to implement within your business today.

As simple as a sketch

Hand drawings are still used and are an excellent form of representation. These drawings often need to be converted into CAD to enable fast editing, easy transfer and to aid with the documentation of a design.

We convert designs from hand sketches and image into a more formal CAD drawings. 

CAD Drafting

We will quickly and cost effectively convert design sketches and old pdfs into CAD drawings to suit your project requirements. To do this we create a 3D CAD model of your design setting up dimensions to ‘drive’ changes within model itself, therefore aiding any future revisions to the design.

Reverse Engineering - Drafting

Our Drafting Service covers 'Reverse engineering' for Companies who have already created their design and manufactured a prototype, to be Passed Off. 

We can 'Back engineer' a design so it has the appropriate design documentation to enable 'design registration' and Orthographic drawings to manufacture from.

What our customers are saying

We always receive an excellent and quick service.

Drawings are to the highest standard !

Steph Park

JJ Fabrications (Kendal) Ltd